Governance and Strategy

Here you will find information on the University System of Georgia and other internal and external governing bodies, as well as links to the Strategic and Action Plans for the University.

Governance Bodies

Georgia State University is part of The University System of Georgia, which began operation in 1932, and is among the oldest unified statewide systems of public higher education in the United States and includes all state-operated universities, four-year colleges and two-year colleges in Georgia.

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is the single governing and management authority for public higher education in Georgia. Today the Board of Regents is composed of 18 members, five of whom are appointed from the state-at-large, and one from each of the 13 congressional districts.

Staff Council

The Staff Council acts as an advisory body to the President and acts on behalf of the staff of the University where there is a need for a uniform policy throughout the University.

Student Government Association

The SGA identifies and investigates university wide issues specific to academic affairs, student services, student life, budget and finance, and public relations and drafts and proposes related legislation to the University Senate.

University Senate

The University Senate exercises legislative functions dealing with the general educational policy of the University, the discipline of students, and all other student activities and affairs, including all matters where the President determines there is a need for uniform policy throughout the University. A legislative action of the University Senate is subject to veto by the University faculty and/or by the President.  View the University Strategic Plan as approved by the University Senate.

University Statutes

The University Statutes provide for the internal governance of Georgia State University.

Strategic and Action Plans

Every five years, Georgia State University develops a new Strategic Plan. A focus on quality is imperative. This focus should lead to assisting the state and the nation through quality graduates, economic development, and serving the public interest. The University will achieve its goals through the continual pursuit of excellence in its instructional and strategic research programs.

An annual Action Plan derives from the current five-year Strategic Plan and delineates the strategies to be executed in a given year to achieve the longer term goals of the five-year plan. An annual Action Plan also provides commentary on the progress made during the previous year in improving quality aspects of the university.